This Los Angeles based experimental psych machine continue to evolve. Their brand new double LP “Laughing Matter” is a collection of unbelievably well balanced tracks that waver between highly textured day dreamy soundscapes, sci-fi rock n roll and uplifting ambient prog.  Standout track “Scarecrow” showcases front man Cory Hanson’s hypnotic vocal delivery while the stoic piano parts add even more icing to the cake. “Walkie Talkie” is an upbeat blast of non stop energy with it’s relentless beat and driving rhythm that sets the pace for the infectious melodies that flow throughout.  Things get more lulling during “Thin Air” as the guitars waver between clean intricate soundscapes and brief blasts of fuzz fueled bliss. Overall this 15 track release showcases the bands ability to grow and reinvent themselves while still keeping true to the foundations that brought them to the dance. A truly remarkable achievement.