1. Leonard Cohen “You Want It Darker” 


Hands down my favorite song of the decade from one of the all time greatest songwriters and most iconic artists ever.


2. Beach House “Space Song”

Lulling, colorful and hypnotic all at once. It draws you in and takes you on a journey that’s unlike any other.


3 David Bowie “Lazarus”

Pure genius. There will never be another David Bowie.


4. Joan Of Arc “Real Punk Kid”

This track really spoke to me and inspired me. It’s been on hard rotation for me ever since it came out. Intense and truthful.


5. WAND “Lower Order”

One of this bands best grooves from their explosive album “1000 Days”. It’s got one of the best “breakdowns” and some of the best guitar tones to come along in ages.


6. Spiritualized “I’m Your Man”

Poetic, melodic and charming all at once. Love the guitar solo too.


7. Portugal The Man “Feel It Still”

If this doesn’t make you wanna move then your a fool.This one gets me going every time.


8. Merzbow “Takemitsu”

My favorite track of the decade from the god of noise.


9. Charles Bradley “The World” (IS Going Up In Flames)

One of the most beautiful voices and inspiring people. This song is pure gold.


10. Childish Cambino “This Is America”

One of the most incredible songs of all time. PERIOD


11. Ty Segall “Girlfriend”

Hard to find a better rocking groove and infectious beat than this. My favorite Ty song for sure.


12 Joan Of Arc “This Must Be The Placenta”

This song flat out makes you wanna move and incorporates a wide variety of instrumentation to set it apart from most. Great number.


13  Lucius “Born Again Teen”

I love this band. First saw them at a Fleetwood Mac tribute night and then this song came out and blew me away.


14. Beach House “Myth”

More Beach House. This is just a great track that takes you to an other worldly place.


15. Iggy Pop “Gardenia”

The master showing us all how it’s done.


16. New Speedway “Tighten Up The Bow”

This song still floors me. Rocco is one of the best musicians/songwriters out. So damn good.


17. Slowdive “Sugar For The Pill”

This song is so perfect. The guitar sounds and vocals are just downright magical.


18. Netherlands “Black Fractal”

One of the heaviest tracks to come out all decade. The Netherlands always bring it.


19. Angel Olson “Windows” 

Introspective and inspiring in every way.


20 Kim Gordon “Murdered Out”

This track is has so much swag and it’s  thunderous bassline and crushing beat work perfectly with Kim’s iconic voice.


21. Courtney Barnett “Charity” 

Such a catchy song that’s impossible not to want to sing along with it. Hooks for days.


22. Kimya Dawson “Walk Like Thunder”

Such an inspiring and powerful song. Relentless.


23. WAND “Dungeon Dropper”

Another one of my favorite Wand tracks. Truly ripping and contagious.


24. Mayflower Madame “Confusion Hill”

One of the best tracks from this Norwegian psych powerhouse.


25. Beach House “Lazarus”

Apparently I can never get enough Beach House. Another favorite here.


26 John Moreland “Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore”

Heartfelt and to the point right here.


27 Lee Renaldo “Circular” (Right As Rain) 

Lee channels the Beatles and Beach boys on this incredibly hypnotic song.


28. Pale Hound “If You Met Her”

I’m so happy this band exists. So many amazing and inspiring songs. This one is my favorite.


29. Kool Keith “Super Hero” Featuring MF Doom

Two of my favorites team up for one of the most bangin tracks of the decade.


30. Timo Ellis “Crocodile”

Timo Ellis showcasing more of his undeniably amazing riffs.


31. Ty Segall “Manipulator”

Another one of my favorite Ty tracks


32. Swervedriver “The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air”

From their most recent album “Future Ruins”. So hypnotic  and well crafted. Get into it.


33. Alvvays “Archie, Marry Me”

I don’t know how many times i’ve listened to this song but it’s a lot. So good.


34. Bleached “Wednesday Night Melody” 

An undeniably infectious rocker. Always fun to blast this one.



35. Screen Vinyl Image “Night Trip”

My favorite track from their 2011 album “Strange Behavior”.


36. Molly Nilsson “I Hope You Die”

It doesn’t get any more romantic than this.


37. TV On The Radio “Happy Idiot”

I love everything this band does and this is one of those songs that I can never get enough of. Amazing melodies and inspiring lyrics.


38. John Maus “The Combine”

Diving into the colorful world of John Maus is an experience all it’s own.


39. Whale Hum “Ghosts You Kept”

One of the best kept secrets in music.


40. Superchunk “Erasure”

I started my day off with this one many many times. Such a great pick me up.

Dave Allison

Owner/Creator At Custom Made Music