The “CMM 1000″ 4 Cassette Compilation Box Set features music by some of my absolutely favorite people. A few weeks ago I was looking to put together a fun project that would involve many of the artists that have inspired me over the years and new artists that I recently came across. The result is 4 hours of music, noise and avante-guarde sounds that will not only melt your face and bend your mind but hopefully inspire you to make sounds and art of your own. The cassettes are packaged in a 7 X 7 reel to reel box with original hand drawn artwork by Juliet Iskowitz AKA Art For The Odd. All orders ship with related and/or unrelated bonus materials be it an extra cassette or 7” record from the CMM archives or a CDR with bonus tracks from some of the featured artists. The compilation features tracks from New Speedway, Ritual Consumption, Sonic Memorial, Arms Bizarre, Spiritus, Antigua Of North America, Spiri21, The Quintz, Boo Noise, Twin, Last Remaining Pinnacle, Absent Sound, Oats, Dave Allison, Circus Cannon, Strawberry Quintz, Pain In The Yeahs, Litterbox Loop, Tissa Mawartyassari, Weird Weather, The Retinas, Living Ghost, Monta At Odds, and Icebeing. This first edition is limited to 100 hand numbered copies. Order copies at