Melina Ausikaitis, Bobby Burg and Theo Katsaounis continue their collab post-Joan of Arc with keyboardist Ray Borchers on Aitis Band III. Found customer complaints, suicide, post-apocalyptic childcare, and Rockford, IL are subjects expounded upon in this 9 song release.  The pandemic’s
influence manifests itself in a far heavier electronic/fake guitar presence and a Dead Milkmen cover.  Nate Kinsella (AmericanFootball),  stepped in to produce. Today the band released the video for the records first single “Blank Check”, which was directed by Melina’s Dad John Ausikaitis. The albumn is due out January 7th courtesy of Burg’s own label simply called Record Label. You can pre-order the vinyl version which is limited to 200 copies here.