Low Pony is made up of Los Angeles based musicians Scout Dixon and John Kalning. Their latest E.P. “Ascetic Star” is a stunningly beautiful record made up of five amazing songs.

“Stupid On Your Stairs” begins with a lulling swirl of colorful sounds before the initial instruments kick in alongside Dixon’s astounding vocal delivery. It really sets a lulling mood that’s wondrous and enigmatic. Next thing you know a thunderous blast of fuzz driven guitar enters the mix and draws you in even more. The vocal harmonies are truly phenomenal and this track sounds like it was recorded on the most peaceful planet in the galaxy only to be beamed down to some type of secret empty field some place on planet Earth. To say it sounds other worldly is an understatement.

These vibes continue on “New Promises”. It’s a song full of ambiance and fervor and Dixon’s vocals and bass playing glide with elegance alongside Kalning’s monumental guitar work.

The title track is full of hook driven melodies that still harness the mysterious side of the band. At times I’d describe this song as ambient country. Think Mute Duo or SUSS. Meanwhile  “Prince Of Blue”  proves to be another bright spot highlighted by the top notch drumming of Bryan De Leon.

All of this incredible musical energy reaches it’s peak with an absolutely beautiful cover of Cheech And Chong’s “Up In Smoke”.  Strings flow alongside a brilliant bassline as Dixon’s voice has literally reached it’s full level of power. It may sound odd that someone could pull off a cover like this totally out of left field so well but Low Pony do just that.

Overall this is just an incredible record from beginning to end. Everything from the performances to Kerry McCoy’s production  to Andrew Oswald’s mixing and mastering work is top of the line.

Watch the video for “New Promises” below and check out the full E.P. here.