The Hookz are a Virginia Beach based rock band made up of Jordan Pilger(Lead Guitar), Afton Gaspar(Guitar, Vocals), Brent Atterson(Bass), and Casey Getz(Drums). Their new album “Motor Hotel” will be released this coming Friday July 22nd and the band will be playing a record release show that night at Peabodys at the VA Beach Oceanfront. 

I sat down with the Jordan to talk bout how they got together, the music that really inspires them and the making of “Motor Hotel”.

Check out the bands music and get more info on Friday’s show here.

How did The Hookz form and how did you all shape the sounds you all create?

Afton Gaspar and I started the band in 2016 as a duo, playing covers at small open mic spots. Drums were then added, played by our previous drummer Patrick Bickle. We knew we needed a bass added to go anywhere, so we recruited Brent Atterson who was predominantly a guitar player at the time, to play bass. From there we started writing, and recorded our first album “Blue Ridge Casket Company” once we had 8 songs. Being a college student at the time, we had the pleasure of recording our first album ourselves in Virginia Tech’s recording studio thanks to our first producer Mason Campbell, who was studying music production at the time. For “free.” It was recorded over a few separate weekends after studio hours, mostly into the early hours of the next day. After this album, our drummer parted ways with the band. We soon after started jamming with Casey Getz(from the band Turnover), and quickly formed a connection. From there we could get better shows, afford mech, and our local rep. started to grow. We kept writing and playing live, 3 hour shows. Mix of covers and originals. We soon gained 10 more originals over this time, which has turned into our second album “Motor Hotel” (releases July 22). This album was professionally produced here in Virginia Beach, VA at Flagship Studios by Matt Erlichman. We knew we had some powerful, well written songs this go round, and have funded all the production ourselves from show money or personal funds.


What was the writing and recording process like for you all’s upcoming album “Motor Hotel”? Any particular gear you all used that really helped shape specific parts of the record? 

All music on “Motor Hotel” was tracked live with the band in one room, with vocals and guitar solos added in after. Very little effects and funny stuff added, what you hear is what you get live. The guitar you hear is a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe through a 1965 Fender Bassman 50W Head through a Marshall Halfstack. We recorded everything besides all the vocals over a 3 day weekend in December (a Full Moon peaked on the Saturday Night). We were gigging a lot at the time and were really tight with the songs, as well as confident in them since we were playing them live at our shows. Our singer Afton really stepped up and put in a lot of work in becoming a true rock singer and I believe it shows. Brent’s bass playing is unexpected and very unique, bringing a melodic guitar style to the bass rather than the norm. Casey Getz brings the catchy rock/punk style to our playing, and also experience in the game of music. I’ve played guitar off and on since I was 7, getting my first Les Paul at 10 yrs old.


So what bands did you all grow up on? 

Afton, Brent and I come from a classic rock kind of background. From guitar lessons when I was young, there was a period I was obsessed with the blues and that stuck with my playing. Brent’s brings the jam Grateful Dead, Phish vibe, Afton brings the Beatles singer songwriter vibe, and I bring the classic blues/AC/DC kind rock style to playing. Casey’s band is indie, but started pop punk so he brings a unique aspect to the mix.

Any Virginia Beach Bands You All are into? What about favorite local venues? 

Pearloid is a new local band we’ve been digging lately. s for venues Peabodys, elevation 27 are our favorite venues locally.