The title of this glow-in-the-dark vinyl record is not merely a title: it is the first step on a journey to exploring the spirit realm with Zabrecky as your tour guide.

For well over a decade, within the mysterious Houdini Séance Room at the world-famous Magic Castle, Zabrecky has conducted literally hundreds of séances. One day in the not-so-distant past, Zabrecky had a revelation… or was it advice whispered from the great beyond? “It occurred to me that with gentle and simple guidance, people could conduct their own séances in the comfort of their living spaces… or in nearly any space” Zabrecky said.

Harking back to his time in the post punk milieu (Zabrecky fronted the popular LA Silverlake band Possum Dixon from 1989 to 1999), in which the DIY ethic came to a head, he continues, “Ghost seekers don’t need me, but they do need this record. Who wouldn’t want their own do- it-yourself séance record?”

Produced by the illustrious Emmett Kelly, Séance employs curious layers of 1970s analog synths while weaving in harp and other instruments that wouldn’t typically be associated with séance music. The addition of Zabrecky’s hypnotic spoken vocals lead the listener to contact a spirit of their choice. The result is a record that could be considered a spooky-cool novelty…or lead the listener directly to a connection with the afterlife.

Ultimately, the listener will decide on the direction this record leads them; perhaps with a bit of help from a long lost loved one, a beloved pet, or an unknown disincarnate entity from the shadows. Either way, as Zabrecky opines, “The main rule of the Séance is: if you believe, you will receive.”


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