Fullback “The Go North” E.P. (fullback.bandcamp.com)

Loving this debut E.P. from Brooklyn based band Fullback. “The 25” kicks everything of quickly with it’s captivating vocals, bouncy beat and glistening guitars that give it somewhat of a brit-pop feel. “12 – 2 (by the hearth)” has a bright, uplifting vibe that meshes well with it’s optimistic lyrics while “Go North” is more soothing and intricate. Things wind down with “Go North 2” and it’s lush, calming presence that moves like a setting sun on a warm Spring day. Highly recommended.

Lunar Kin “Escaping Velocity” E.P. (lunarkin.bandcamp.com)

Lunar Kin are a really impressive new indie pop band out of Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Their debut 4 song E.P. is full of intricate, clean guitars and stellar musicianship that bring to mind the likes of The Connells and The Ocean Blue. The jangling feel of “W Broadway St.” opens things up with a breezy looseness and catchy hook while the hazy flavored “Speeding Down Memory Lane” has an uplifting energy and undeniable appeal. Closing number “Last Night On Planet Earth” offers an epic dynamic to everything and sends things off in grand fashion. A captivating debut that sets a solid foundation for what’s to come.

Modern English “You’re Corrupt” Single (www.modernenglish.me)

Modern English are back with a new album titled “Take Me to the Trees”. Lead single “You’re Corrupt” is an eerie anthem full of dark undertones that loom over top of a matter of fact style vocal delivery that works together very well. It’s shuffling beat and cold presence is down right haunting and I must say I love it. The band hit the road in March of 2017 for a full U.S. tour.

News From Neptune “The Cold Open” E.P. (newsfromneptunemusic.bandcamp.com)

News From Neptune is the brainchild of British musician David Miller and he delivers big on his debut E.P. “The Cold Open”. All four songs offer up a variety of tones that are futuristic and inspiring. From the opening notes of the title track you know you are in for something special as the colorful wash of atmospheric sounds flow through your ears with never ending beauty. “Viewfinder” is more melodic and catchy as it’s psychedelic flair and infectious riffs make it second to none while the pulsating spirit of “The Man In The Microllight” offers a blend of highly textured tones that are incredible refreshing. Closing piece “Head On Backwards” is a stunning composition that comes off like the theme to a futuristic t.v. sitcom. I really can’t say enough good things about this release. Miller has really carved out his own musical style here that perfectly merges elements of more traditional compositions with experimental madness. A truly delightful and inspiring work of art.

Strange Lights “…In The Dawn Sky” 10″ E.P. (strangelightsband.bandcamp.com)

Such a breathtakingly beautiful release from Strange Lights out of London. Part one is very colorful and lulling and evokes a sense of elegance and grace throughout. I love the multiple layers of sound that continue to evolve as the track feels like a living breathing entity all it’s own. Part two is also atmospheric but incorporates more distinct synth sounds into the mix that move over top of a deep soothing hypnotic bass line and lush effect driven guitars. Copies of the 10″ vinyl version of this are already sold out but you can purchase the digital version for just £3 via the bands bandcamp page. A brilliant release sure to satisfy your need for ambient psychedelic beauty.

The Clouded Lights “Stranded On The Path” E.P. (thecloudedlights.bandcamp.com)

The Clouded Lights offer up an excellent balance of post punk and power pop that blends the primal vibes of early Psychedelic Furs with the clever hooks of Squeeze. The Flange driven guitar riff of “Borrowed Hearts” gets everything rolling with it’s climbing chords and freight train like beat. “Barter With The World” is more in the pocket and melodic and features a brilliant vocal cadence that puts it over the top while the quick pace of “Could Someone Switch A Light On” features some truly amazing guitar work throughout. Overall “Stranded On The Path” is a well put together E.P. that takes me back to everything that was great about the early days of college radio but with a fresh, welcoming twist.