Digression Buff “Perspective” Single (digressionbuff.bandcamp.com)

Digression Buff have quickly become one of my favorite new artists. Headed by Australian musician Nick McMillan this brand new single begins with a wash of synths and heavy atmospherics before launching into an infectious rhythm full of rich melodies that’s matched with a soothing vocal delivery. It’s soundtrack like dynamics and underlying nuances add even more appeal to the track which also drifts into a warm breezy direction at times. Overall this is some of McMillan’s best work yet and I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next. Stay tuned for more music from this one of a kind project that is truly on the rise.

faUSt “Lights Flickr” Single (www.bureau-b.com)

“Lights Flickr”, the latest single from Germany krautrock band faUSt is down right psychotic sounding. The track is from their brand new album “Fresh Air” and it features the lyrics “Lights Flickr as I blink my eyes to the beat to the beat to the beat” as a frantic saxophone and sea of feedback blast over top of a thunderous beat. It’s hypnotic, it’s mind bending and it’s absolutely beautiful. Truly inspiring work from one of the most innovative groups ever. “Fresh Air” is available today courtesy of Bureau B.

Mathew Sweet “Trick” Single (www.matthewsweet.com)

Matthew Sweet is back with a brand new album “Tomorrow Forever”. Lead single “Trick” has all the key ingredients that make up an amazing Matthew Sweet song. Catchy hooks, melodic guitars and Sweet’s signature vocal delivery. The song emits a glowing feeling that’s absolutely perfect for spring time. The 17 track album available June 16th also features guest appearances from Gary Louris of The Jayhawks and Debbie Peterson of The Bangels. Sweet will head out on a full U.S. tour this summer that runs from July 8th through September 21st.

PJ Harvey “A Dog Called Money/I’ll Be Waiting” Double A Side 7″ Single (pjharvey.net)

PJ Harvey quickly follows up her latest album “The Hope Six Demolition Project” with this stunning double A-side 7″ single. The atmospheric stance and inspiring drumming that moves throughout “A Dog Called Money” paints a breathtakingly beautiful scene. Harvey’s voice harnesses a sense of urgency and emotion that works perfectly with the orchestral like waves that move around you and draw you in with their other worldly presence. The acoustic based “I’ll Be Waiting” is written from the perspective of a child who’s entire homeland has been destroyed by war. It’s haunting lyrics and stripped down feel are matched by an intensity and passion like no other. The tracks are available as a 7″ single that’s limited to 1,000 copies and available exclusively during her current U.S. tour which runs through July 21st.

Solid Hex “PSA” E.P. (solidhex.bandcamp.com)

I’m blown away by this new E.P. from Nashville based garage rock unit Solid Hex. Led by the raspy vocals and fuzzed out guitars of Anna Wise “PSA” is full of top notch riffs and instantly memorable melodies that also feature contributions from Wise brother Rick on bass and drums. From the first chords of “When The Blood Hits The Ceiling” you know you are in for something special as it balances an uplifting feel with tons of welcomed grit and grime. “Evil Eye” has more of a subliminal groove to it that’s highlighted by a menacing guitar tone and a well executed chorus while “PSA” shows off more of the bands jangling indie pop side. Things wind down with a cover of The Who’s “Eminem’s Front” as the duo put their own healthy spin on the classic rock staple. Simply put this is an incredible E.P. you should be checking out right now!!!

The Psychotic Monks “Silence Slowly and Madly Shines LP “

Paris based rock n roll machine The Psychotic Monks go ballistic on their crushing new album “Silence Slowly and Madly Shines”. The menacing crawl of opening track “It’s Gone” bursts into a collection of smashing fuzzed out guitar riffs and pounding drums that harness some of the most rugged energy I’ve heard in some time. “Wanna Be Damned (Punk Song)” is equally as dangerous, with it’s cagey beat and bass line and relentless swagger while things slow down to a more doom like crawl on the heavy psych numbers “Sink” and “When I Feel”. My personal favorite track “The Bad And The City Solution” makes great use of BIG dynamics and thunderous percussion to give it one of the best grooves you will hear anywhere. I also really enjoy the ambient, psychedelic interludes that move between songs at various points on the record. They carry a lulling feel that makes the heavier and more energetic parts of the record sound even more dramatic. The album closes out with the lush and stunningly colorful “Walk By The Wild Lands”. It’s a fitting ending to what is so far, one of the best albums of the year. Beautiful, relentless and psychologically challenging.