Colic “Up Front” Single (

Charlotte North Carolina’s Colic return with this delightful new single that fuses lulling vocal harmonies with brain tingling guitar leads and an enticing beat. It’s a brief minute and a half of poetic beauty that summons thought provoking energy and leaves you wanting more. Look for a new Colic full length by months end and be sure to explore their back catalog of demos and E.P.’s that can all be found on their bandcamp page.

Dale Crover “Bad Move” Single (Joyful Noise Recordings)

“Bad Move” the lead single off of “The Fickle Finger of Fate” the first official solo album from long time Melvins drummer Dale Crover is absolutely brilliant. It’s silky smooth vibe and creepy undertone set the foundation for a truly incredible track that could easily lead to some late Friday night debauchery. It’s seductive bass line and blissful fuzzed out guitar tones mesh perfectly well with Crover’s whispering vocal delivery. It’s soulful and spacey and overall a highly infectious piece. I think you will find this an easy one to “GET INTO”.

Kyle Craft “Heartbreak Junky” Single (Sub Pop)

I’ve been really excited about hearing new music from Kyle Craft as he’s quickly become one of my favorite new singer songwriters over the last year. “Heartbreak Junky” showcases Craft’s powerful voice alongside brilliant piano playing and a snide flair of raunchy rock n roll that falls some place between classic Elton John and Slider era Bolan but with a dash of Scott Joplin for good measure. The track is from Craft’s brand new album “Full Circle Nightmare” available now courtesy of Sub Pop.



Squeeze “Innocence In Paradise” Single

Squeeze return with their 15th studio album “The Knowledge” and it’s first single “Innocence In Paradise” is a rich, beautifully crafted pop song full of lush psychedelic layers and atmospheric treatments. It’s also full of subtle yet catchy guitar hooks that blend perfectly with Glenn Tilbrook’s one of a kind vocal delivery. The track certainly stands up next to anything else in the Squeeze catalogue and showcases why they are one of the best bands to come along since the early 70’s.

The Replacements “For Sale : Love At Maxwell’s 1986”

What can ya say. One of the best bands of all time blasting through a raging set in as fine of form as four drunken idiots can. The first thing that comes to mind is just how amazing Bob Stinson sounds throughout this record. His playing is truly relentless and gives me chills every time I hear it. Excellent recording quality throughout that captures the raw energy of the performance without taking anything away from the grit. Highlights include classic Mat’s standards like “I Will Dare”, “Bastards Of Young” and “Takin A Ride” alongside covers of Kiss. T Rex, The Beatles and more. Essential from beginning to end.

Unsane “Sterilize” LP (Southern Lord)

There are tons of bands making heavy music these days but there is only one Unsane. They just have that distinct sound that’s like nothing else. The bands brand new album “Sterilize” features Chris Spencer’s trademark salty snarl and crushing guitar riffs while the pin point precision of bassist Dave Curran and drummer Vincent Signorelli show why they are one of the most punishing rhythm sections of all time. The intensity never let’s up over the coarse of the ten song album as it’s chocked full of some of the meanest sounding riffs you will ever come across all of which are backed by a relentless groove that doesn’t seem to come out in the world of heavy music all that often. It’s sinister, it’s menacing and it’s down right scary, but then again what else would you expect. Now turn this up to ten and rip out your speakers.