Alan Vega “DTM” Single (Fader Label)

“DTM” is the first single from Alan Vega’s new album “It”. The record is his first posthumous album since his passing last summer and it is nothing short of classic. It’s raunchy, distorted beat and Vega’s trademark voice moving over top of the sea of industrial swing, literally gives me chills while listening. It’s primal nature and no punches pulled stance are everything that’s great about rock n roll. There will never be anyone else like Alan Vega. RIP.

Dog. Paper. Submarine “Post Human Melodies” LP (

Over the last two years Sweden’s Dog. Paper. Submarine have truly become one of my favorite bands. Their thunderous power pop/indie rock approach and introspective songwriting abilities shine brightly on this brand new album titled “Post Human Melodies”. Highlights include the high energy, sonic power of “Baby Machine, soothing acoustic based “Reason” and hook filled barn burner “Praise The New Bones”. This is really a stacked album from begging to end. It never let’s up, it just keeps pounding you with great song after great song. Get into it!!!

Highland Eyeway “Dark Waters/Xen” E.P. (

Vancouver based post punk/shoegaze unit Highland Eyeway impress on their latest two song E.P. Up first is the wandering feel of “Dark Waters” which captures the perfect balance of driving rock n roll intensity and moody ethereal bliss. It’s got just the right amount of noise and grit to meshes perfectly with it’s elegance and grace. “Xen” is even more hypnotic in delivery as it’s pounding beat sets the pace while layers of dark psych filled sounds loom over a sea of blistering guitar leads. The two songs pair together in the perfect way making it one of the most intense and introspective new listening experiences you will hear all year. Highly recommended.

My Home Is The Sea S/T E.P. (

There are so many amazing bands coming out of Philly these days and My Home Is The Sea are no exception. Highlighted by the captivating vocal deliver of Natalie Wimberg their self titled debut E.P. offers up 5 spectacular songs full of top notch musicianship and diverse instrumentation. The passionate sounds of “Chase Something” offer up an “other worldly” flair to the mix as an infectious guitar riff carries you through a vast array of beautiful atmospheric sounds. There’s a mysterious approach to tracks like “Do As your Told” and “No Ones Daughter” that really put things over the top. I’ve been enjoying these songs over and over and hear something new that I missed each time. The layers of sonic textures that flow throughout the tracks are sure to make a lasting impact on your psyche. Hands down one of the best records I’ve hear from beginning to end in some time.

Lee Ranaldo “Circular (Right As Rain)” Single (Mute)

Lee Ranaldo is back with this absolutely beautiful new single from his upcoming album “Electric Trim”. It starts with a swirling sea of hypnotic sounds that move like psychedelic waves that echo the spirits of “Revolver” ear Beatles and The Byrds. Ranaldo’s vocal phrasing shines in peak form and the songs arrangement is truly incredible. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the record. “electric Trim” is due out September 15th courtesy of Mute Records.

Yucky Duster “The Ropes” Single (Infinity Cat Recordings)

This latest single and video from indie rockers extraordinaire Yucky Duster is simply second to none. Drawing from classic 60’s psych ah la The beach Boys “The Ropes” is one of the bands best songs yet. It’s catchy chorus and jangling guitars are subliminally infectious and sure to get you singing along in no time. Check a check a check it out.