Static Daydream is the noise-pop project of Paul Baker, a founding member of underground legends Skywave, and the shoegaze/elecktro band Ceremony. We sat down with Paul to talk about his new album “Cracked Inside” which will be avail on Friday October 11th on CD and Cassette from CMM.

CMM – What was the first band or musician that really made an impact on you and made you want to write and record songs?
Paul – Probably The Cure, but maybe they were too confusing for someone who didn’t understand music. So, Ramones and The Jesus And Mary Chain were the groups that made it seem possible. Even though those bands sound pretty different, once I started playing guitar, I realized how the song structures work.
CMM – How did Static Daydream come about and what would you say is the biggest difference between your previous bands Skywave and Ceremony?
Paul – Well, those bands were a collaboration, and Static Daydream is pretty much just me. I have guests appear, and I really appreciate their input, but basically I’m responsible for everything that comes out, for better or for worse. I think I’ve also gotten to the point with recording that it doesn’t matter if it’s something I can pull off in a live setting. Most of what we release can be done live, but that isn’t something I think about while making the albums.
CMM – Soon you all will release your second album “Cracked Inside”. What was the songwriting and recording process for the album like?
Paul – This album includes a lot of new songs, and it also has new versions of a few songs that have been floating around for a while. As Static Daydream started, I had to get some things out there, but I think think these new versions are the definitive recordings of these songs. As far as the process, it really is just me experimenting with everything and hoping for the best. I’m the first to admit that I’m not an expert, so I’m just trying really hard to do the best that I can with these songs.
CMM – Any particular gear you used while recording that you think made things stand out? What guitars and pedals are you using thee days?
Paul – Epiphone Casino (great for feedback), Fender Jaguar, Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster, Gretsch Electromatic, Schecter Hellcat VI, Fender Mustang Bass I like the the effect pedals from Death By Audio (Echo Dream and Apocalypse), as well as Moon Sounds Reverb and Fuzz Buddy from Butterfly Effects. Also, EHX Big Muff, Boss Hyper Fuzz, and Boss Chorus, Phaser, and Flanger. I use a Strymon Flint for tremolo and reverb.
CMM – Fredericksburg has always seemed to have a solid core of musicians making really amazing underground music. Who are some of the current bands from the area that you are into?
Paul – Ceremony, Her Kind, Puff Yeah, Torino Death Ride, Smallhands, and Alluvion are the first ones that come to mind. I don’t really go out anymore, so there might be other great groups I don’t know.
CMM – If you could score a soundtrack for any film director who would it be and what would the film be called? That’s tough.
Paul – Maybe a director who wanted to do a parody of Sergio Leone films called “A Fistful of Speghettios”. Really, something dark and atmospheric, but I can’t say who the director or what the project would be.
CMM – What’s next for Static Daydream? Shows, new recordings etc etc?
Paul – Hopefully we’ll do a few shows regionally. I have about half of a new album completed, and I also hope to make a few new videos.

Dave Allison

Owner/Creator At Custom Made Music