Chicago upstarts nomagic deliver big on their debut E.P. “No Water No Soup Grease Only!” Their blend of gruff reverb drenched vocals, strange sounds, weird guitar riffs and noise is more than just appealing it’s a breath of fresh air as the trio really carve out their own brand of free form rock n roll.

Opening with the driving rhythm of “Hip Displacement” this E.P. kicks into high gear quickly. The odd time signatures and vibrant modulation sounds mesh perfectly next to the more traditional structures in the song. Most of all it sounds like the band are really having fun playing together which is a great feeling. The song is uplifting and inspiring and relentless all at once and I gotta say I love it.

The left of center vibes continue on “Compression Radio”. There’s an underlying jazz feel that comes through it all as the intricate bass lines interact with the jangling guitar riffs and frantic drumming. The group aren’t afraid to delve into any realm of possibilities while pushing themselves through layers of sonic experimentation.

Meanwhile “Lil Star” brings everything to a head and serves as a culmination of all of the bands cosmic energy.

Overall “No Water No Soup Grease Only!” is a fine example of a youthful band unleashing themselves on the world. Really looking forward to hearing what they do next. Highly recommended.

Have a listen to “Compression Radio” below and get the full three song E.P. here.