Permasquelch is the dreamy experimental, ambient sound project of Philadelphia artist Emily Milano. The projects recent release “Some Kind Of Ugly” is a brilliant record that showcases a wide spectrum of mind bending soundscapes.

Beginning with the free feeling “Duck Landing” the sounds twist and develop almost like they are a live living being. This is a piece that truly breathes and moves in it’s own colorful flowing type way. It’s rather enlightening music that grasps a sense of nature and invites you in to explore it more and more.

“Slammed Thy Door In My Face” is a lush, vivid trek through layers of cavernous drones. The subtle nuances and slight shifts add to the intensity more and more as it progresses. It reaches a level where you begin to hear ghost notes and hidden elements due to the repeated sound structure. It’s meditative spirit and flourishing tones welcome you in with open arms.

Meanwhile “Silly Goose” takes a more left of center path as what sounds like a psychedelic sea of birds stirs underneath a wash of gliding, elegant guitar sounds. This track along with “Regeneration Anticipation” bring to mind music concrete artists like Halim El-Dabh and Pierre Henry.

The ominous feel of “Set Me Up With Your Beauty” emits a truly haunting vibe as it’s slow drawn out sounds make me think what it be like if old broken down machines were able to resurface as ghosts and haunt their creators.

The following piece “Italian Cement” also brings to mind communications between machines. The delays and metallic textures that move through it are really inspiring while the final track “180*” serves as the perfect ending for this truly stunning release.

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