Kiera Skrinnikoff.


Uboa has spent the better part of a decade dipping into every corner of heavy music. From harsh noise to dark ambient, glitch to doom metal, Metcalfe’s output, though sonically varied, remains consistent in her use of such styles to express her mental state at the time of writing. Whether it’s her live performances (described as a panic attack presented on stage) or her recorded material, her eclectic approach to dark music has led Uboa to become an unlikely but deserving cult figure in online music.

As Uboa joins the curated roster of San Francisco experimental label The Flenser, they’ll release The Origin of My Depression for the first time ever on vinyl this April. Expertly remastered by James Plotkin specifically for this format, this vinyl pressing marks the completion of The Flenser’s Membership Series Four and is available to the general public as well via pre-order now.

Look for more info and new album release details to come from Uboa and The Flenser later this year.