Following the announcement of new album Wished Eye, out Apr. 21st, Portland trio Dommengang are sharing new single “Blue & Peaceful”. Capturing the energy of their live shows “Blue & Peaceful” masterfully shifts from explosive to expansive on a knife-edge. The guitar rumbles at the starting line and in mere moments we are off! “Blue & Peaceful” is no misnomer as this searing track tells the tale of frustration and anger, kicking against the sky as the protagonist struggles to find stability. The message, delivered with high octane aplomb, is “the importance of a little silence and stillness in an absurd world” bassist and vocalist Brian Markham explains.

Wished Eye is the studio of searing guitar rock trio made up of bassist and vocalist Brian Markham, drummer Adam Bulgasem also of Black Mountain, and vocalist and guitarist Dan “Sig” Wilson. To capture this energy and freedom in the studio, the trio tracked all the songs together to tape and let experimentation run wild. This journey of exploration was indeed linked to all members relocating to Portland, Oregon, and letting the music take control, embracing exploration and friendship. Markham explains: “We jammed several times a week for two years, at times with no real goal but to play music and make noise together. Lots of nights were followed by backyard hangs around the fire.” Wilson elaborates: “We went into rehearsal with no expectations other than to let every idea breathe and let it go as long as needed.” Working without constraints made Wished Eye an ecstatic release of a record hard hitting and explorative, not overworked. Wished Eye captures the neo-psychedelic energy of their live shows and the utterly divine swirling, effects-laden guitar squall.

Dommengang will be touring Europe this spring following the release of Wished Eye, including performances at Desert Fest London and Desert Fest Berlin. More worldwide tour dates and festivals to be announced.


Dommengang tour dates
Apr. 22 – Portland, OR – Stumpfest @ Mississippi Studios
May 5 – London, UK – Desertfest
May 6 – Nijmegen, NL – Sonic Whip Festival
May 7 – Liege, BE – Liege
May 8 – Aachen – The Wild Rover
May 10 – Copenhagen, DK – Råhuset
May 11 – Oslo, NO – Revolver
May 12 – Goteborg, SE – Vega Bryggeri
May 14 – Malmö, SE – Plan B
May 17 – Freiburg, DE – Swamp
May 18 – Memmingen, DE – Moodclub
May 19 – Vienna, AT – Rhiz
May 20 – Prague, CZ – Underdogs
May 21 – Berlin, DE – Desertfest