Kresy are a four piece band based in Łódź, Poland The groups latest E.P. “Lumer” is a magical mix that explores aspects of math rock, avant-garde noise and vibrant art rock.

I got together with the bands guitarist Jan Ostalski to talk about their early musical experiences, how Kresy got together and the making of “Lumer” which you can get here.

CMM-What was the first music that really made an impact on you all growing up and what artists and bands did you all enjoy the most?

Jan-I think we all, to some extent, derive from punk, alternative music of the 80s, and contemporary post-punk bands. Some notable bands in this genre would be Sonic Youth, The Cure, Gang of Four, Shame, or Black Midi. Additionally, we are all fans of 60s jazz, so artists like Wayne Shorter and Eric Dolphy are definitely a huge inspiration to us.


CMM-When did you all first start playing instruments and making your own music and how did everyone meet and form Kresy? What made you all want to play such aggressive and frantic music?

Jan-I believe that from the very beginning of learning to play an instrument, everyone wanted to create something of their own, something that would best represent us in music. Kresy was formed in 2021, but we have been playing together in this lineup since the end of 2022. We all come from Łódź, so we were familiar with each other to varying degrees before. I think this style of music stems from our entire past; it’s just how we want to play 🙂

CMM-The group recently released their debut E.P. “Lumer”. What was the writing and recording process like? Any notable pieces of gear that you all used throughout the sessions?

Jan-The guitarist and vocalist, Jan Kępiński, is the author of all the songs on the EP “Lumer,” but despite that, each member of the band plays whatever they want, really. There is never a predetermined form of what exactly needs to be played. We recorded the EP “Lumer” very quickly, in just a few hours. It’s possible that it could have been done better, but we were very focused on getting the material out as quickly as possible and releasing it on streaming platforms. I think if we were to record those songs today, they would sound much better :)) We don’t really use any “special” equipment. Both guitars use a Rat distortion and a lot of flanger, so that may largely contribute to our sound.


CMM-If the band could collaborate on an album with another band or musician who would it be and what direction do you think the music would go in?

Jan-We have plans to expand our sound with brass instruments. We are currently working on the arrangements. However, that doesn’t mean that the character of our music will drastically change. Energy is still the key factor for us. We believe it’s absolutely crucial both in recordings and during live performances. As for bands we could collaborate with, there are quite a few. All the bands from our record label, Peleton Records, are of a really high standard, and their music is great to listen to. Recently, we returned from a tour with the band “Willa Kosmos” from Poznań, and they also play amazingly well.

CMM-What does the band have coming up next? Any new recordings? 

Jan-We will soon enter the studio to record new tracks for our upcoming EP. We hope that it will be released this year. We have a few concerts planned for the summer, but our main focus right now is on recording and the arrangements we mentioned earlier.