Brake Run is the brainchild of Pittsburgh PA based musician Brianna Snider. Her latest release “lift hill soundtrack” features three songs full of experimental shoegaze bliss.

I sat down with Brianna to talk about her early musical experiences, how she starting writing songs and the recording process of “lift hill soundtrack” which you can get here.

CMM-What was the first music that really made an impact on you growing up and what artists and bands did you all enjoy the most?

Brianna-In my formative years I was really into the pop punk and emo outfits of the day (knuckle puck, the wonder years, the world is a beautiful place, etc.) and it eventually grew into a love for vulnerable and darker music. The first show I ever went to alone was best coast at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, and the shoegaze band the Stargazer Lilies opened up for them. We showed up early so we got the barricade and it absolutely blew my mind how sound could come from a guitar that sounded nothing like I’d ever heard before. That really started my love for shoegaze and very loud music.


CMM-When did you first start playing instruments and making your own music and how did Brake Run begin?

Brianna-I’m the sole person running brake run, so I write, perform and program everything. I started playing guitar at the age of 13, so I’m 11 years on at this point. From there i did bass in my school’s jazz band and took a bunch of theory and synth classes in college. I started a band called saltlick that played out in Columbus oh and Pittsburgh pa from 2017-2022, and from the ashes of that project came brake run. Saltlick was very traditional Midwest emo vibes, but I wanted to do something a lot darker and more thought-provoking with brake run.

CMM-You recently released a really beautiful E.P. called “Lift Hill Soundtrack”. What was the writing and recording process like? Is the E.P. a soundtrack for a film? Any notable pieces of gear that you used throughout the sessions?

Brianna-Everything was recorded in my apartment!! Since I live in such close quarters with other people with thin walls I do everything in my headphones and with my guitars and bass. The drums aren’t a real person! I programmed MIDI to make it happen, and everything else I did in the box in logic pro. I decided to keep lyrics brief, very few and far between and open to interpretation. I want the music to speak because it speaks louder than anything I can put into words.


CMM-If you could collaborate on an album with another band or musician who would it be and what direction do you think the music would go in?

Brianna-I’d love to collab with some noisy bands like They Are Gutting A Body Of Water or Feeble Little Horse… i love the innovation they bring (and the feedback lol).


CMM-What do you have coming up next? Any new recordings, playing any shows?

Brianna-I’m taking this project as it comes, in time i might get a live band back together to play out but right now I have an album I’m piecing together. exciting stuff!