The Axis: particles continue to assemble as we share more from Blinded By Oblivion (out October 6th)! Having already put their fresh melodic sense forward at breakneck speed (“Hardcore Maps”) and via tightly wound post-punk sneer (“Trend Sets”), Axis: Sova’s latest single, “Persuasion”, displays a newfound art rock elegance. Through dreamy chords, concentric guitar lines and nervy, seductive vocal harmony, “Persuasion” warns, “this is a future when conspiracy theorists lead archaeological digs” while anxiety mounts towards a graceful crescendo.

About the creation of the song, Brett Sova says:

“Meditating on an old A:S riff from ages back, “Persuasion” began as an instrumental passage relying on it’s 7/8 time signature and repetition to build tension with no resolve. Played endlessly in its early stages by Jeremy (Freeze) and I when we first programmed the beat, we eventually developed an austere verse/chorus to offset the riff, putting emphasis on vocal harmony to play with the song’s natural tension. When Josh (Johannpeter) joined the band soon after, he built percussive scaffolding around the simple drum machine pattern to help push and sustain its tension through to the end, where we tried to create an epic call and response between vocals and guitar, taking musical cues from our memory of records like Low and The Idiot. The wired instrumental passages influenced the song’s lyrical themes, which explore the art of manipulation and how it’s practiced by people and on platforms that frequently escape culpability, a complicated game that can easily subvert one’s perception of reality.”

Blinded By Oblivion, recorded and produced by Ty Segall at Harmonizer Studios, arrives October 6th via GOD? Records.