P.G. Six’s latest offering, Murmurs & Whispers, features lots of what you simply love about P.G. Six: songs sung from the heart and played with mostly acoustic instrumentation, intricate finger-picking patterns and expansive, spacious arrangements. As he has done over the past two decades, Pat blends influences from traditional music and psychedelic rock in new ways unique to him on Murmurs & Whispers. It is a contemplative, immersive listening experience.

The third single from Murmurs & Whispers is “I Don’t Want to Be Free”. Exploring the simplicity inherent in romantic contradictions, P.G. harps with sumptuous gravity for a full minute-thirty before singing, then builds from a hushed mood to one of ecstatic release, without ever breaking tempo. Wednesday Knudson (Pigeons, Weeping Bong Band) takes an extended saxophone break, extemporizing all that lies between the lines; Clark Griffin swishes BBs around an Irish bodran, emitting waves of time and experience.

Take a break from your day, click on the link above and let the sounds drape over you with the soul-consoling power of a weighted blanket. Murmurs & Whispers arrives on September 1st!