Accompanying the single release is a visually captivating music video produced and directed Ragnarok Film (Wardruna, Kalandra, Gåte) filmed on location in Trondheim, Norway. The video for “Ra Rising Sun” also offers viewers a stunning representation of the project themes exploring incredible nature sites including Trollkirka, aka Troll Church, a waterfall and natural pool in Elnesvågen, Norway.

Gabbarein’s self-titled debut album encapsulates the profound and personal journey undertaken by the duo during the week-long recording session. With emotive improvised vocals, sparse textures, and a diverse array of instruments, the album promises a moving and powerful listening experience—one that the world needs during these turbulent times.

The origins of Gabbarein trace back to 2011 when Cecilie Hafstad and Christopher Bono first met at a Shamanic sound-healing retreat in Vermont. Their shared exploration of sound deepened into a unique musical partnership, evolving through collaborations on projects like NOUS and Ghost Against Ghost. Gabbarein’s inception materialized during a transformative recording session in Lyngen, Norway, in June 2018, where the sublime Arctic setting and the unexpected appearance of a White Reindeer tapped deep into the culture of the Sámi people, who are native to the area, and became a core inspiration for the sessions. They decided to call the project “Gabberein”, which means ‘holy reindeer’ in the Sámi language, with reverence to the reindeer’s presence.

The album’s themes delve into nature, collaboration, and the cathartic power of unearthing deeply buried emotions. With Cecilie singing in Norwegian, the language adds a profound layer of personal expression, allowing her to channel something deeply personal during the sessions.

Christopher Bono, reflecting on the creative process, emphasizes the intention of framing Cecilie’s voice as the primary focus, sharing, “I wanted to create a landscape solely to support the exploration of her voice. My primary projects involve writing and singing my own work, so framing someone else’s voice was never something I was inspired to do. But with Cecilie, it was different, as I cared about her like a sister.”

With the single “Ra Rising Sun” audiences are invited to immerse themselves in the ethereal soundscape crafted by Gabbarein, marking the beginning of a new and enchanting chapter in the musical exploration of these two remarkable artists.