Alongside the album announcement, SAICOBAB share first single “Nachin Machine”. Erupting immediately into dense, hypnotic architectures of darting vocals and serpentine sitar, “Nachin Machine” opens up into a potent, bass-heavy stomp before slinking back into psychedelic whorls, offering a momentary glimpse of infinity spiralling inside the track’s intoxicating grooves. YoshimiO’s musical acrobatics are fully on display here, her voice shifting from strafing melodies one minute to percussive chants or primal howls the next.

SAICOBAB brings together four musicians whose understanding of ancient musical forms is matched only by their thrilling contemporary resetting of such styles. YoshimiO’s experiments in this field are well documented, from OOIOO’s incorporation of Javanese gamelan into their kaleidoscopic soundworld, to Boredoms’ electrifying modern rituals. Multi-instrumentalist Yoshida Daikiti reveals the human hand that shapes living traditions, as much through his fluid playing as his own collection of handmade instruments, while percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Motoyuki “Hama” Hamamoto embodies the metaphysical power of rhythm. Together as SAICOBAB, the group exude a true reverence for living musical traditions while remaining unbound by orthodoxy, fearlessly exploring the futuristic possibilities contained within ancient music.