Ahead of the release of their  new album A Chaos Of Flowers, out April 19th, BIG|BRAVE have released the striking new single “canon : in canon,” featuring one of the album’s featured performances by acclaimed guitarist and labelmate Marisa Anderson. Vocalist/guitarist Robin Wattie leads the ensemble with a deeply affecting melodic turns and subtly ecstatic vocal effects, while Anderson and guitarist Mathieu Ball billow in plumes of distortion and slow arpeggio beneath drummer Tasy Hudson’s delicate cymbalwork.

For A Chaos Of Flowers guitarist/vocalist  Wattie drew heavily on the poems of artists whom Wattie found kinship in, their words resonant with experiences of those often sidelined by cultural norms. “I discovered that most poems from folk traditions or in the public domain seem to be by men – to which I could not quite relate. In my search, I rediscovered some of my favorite works and poets,” says Wattie. Wattie’s interpolation of poetry from artists around the world and across womanhood, intermingled with her own, examines the chaos and confusion alienation breeds in the psyche of those othered by society. “It is a feeling of relatability and even astonishment really,” Wattie notes, “with how these writers of different standings and eras and all being female-presenting, each expressing these seemingly similar intense moments of individual experiences, of intimacy and madness. We’re alone, and yet, not.”

BIG|BRAVE will be embarking on an extensive tour in May throughout the UK and Europe, with Summer North American dates to be announced.  Pre-order BIG|BRAVE’s A Chaos Of Flowers here.