Photo By Brent Klich

Virginia based alternative rock band Suburban Key Party recently dropped their latest single “The Wreckage” on all streaming platforms. Drummer Mark Watts was happy to share some of his favorite songs for this weeks edition of “Five For Friday”.

Click here for all things Suburban Key Party and enjoy the video for “The Wreckage” and  Mark’s selections below.  


Morphine – Thursday

Mark-My desert island band. So hard to pick just one tune though. Also check out “Buena” for the signature sound of the 2 string slide bass, baritone sax and drums.


Sloan – Magical Thinking 

Mark – I love this Canadian power pop band. Too bad they just don’t get enough publicity in the states. This is from their latest release however they have a huge catalog that I highly recommend.


DAG – Lovely Jane

Mark – Unknown 90’s funk band from NC. They should have been bigger. Definitely show their Prince influence here as well as Parliament and Sly Stone.


Vintage Trouble – Blues Hand Me Down

Mark – VT was one of the best bands I have ever seen…with about 50 people in attendance and the rest of Richmond, not knowing what they are missing. The energy from this song is relentless. Modern day James Brown!


Dada – Bob the Drummer

Mark -My life story in a song.