Virginia Beach based rock outfit Suburban Key Party released their latest single “The Wreckage” today on all major streaming platforms. I sat down with lead vocalist/songwriter Tom Southern to talk about how he started writing songs, the formation of the band and the recording process of the new single. 

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CMM-What was the first music that really made an impact on you as a kid and what artist or band did you enjoy the most?

Tom-My first 2 favorite artists were The Bee Gees and Fleetwood Mac.  I had and played the Saturday Night Fever and Rumours album thousands of times.  I think I’m still influenced by both today.


CMM-When did you first start singing and writing your own songs?

Tom-I’ve tried to write lyrics and melodies ever since I can remember.  First started the “being in a band” singing in high school.  I was terrible but fell in love with it. I wrote lyrics and melodies to songs that the musicians in whatever band I was in came up with. SKP was really the first band I wrote actual songs in after learning how to play the most basic awful guitar you will ever hear, BUT…it works for me haha.

CMM-When did Suburban Key Party start up and who rounds out the current line up?

Tom-It started in 2008.  Me, Greg Armstrong on guitar, Bob Morehead on drums, Adam Butler on bass, who left shortly after was was replaced by Jason Jinright.  Currently, I hit the jackpot by getting to play with Mark Watts (drums), Patrick Myers (bass) and David Hunter (guitar).

CMM-The band has a new single out called “The Wreckage” which is available today on all the major streaming platforms. What was the writing and recording process of the song like for you all?

Tom-I came up with the basic structure of the song and recorded a demo with Chris Kendrick at Whiskey Bear Studio, who is the opposite of me when it comes to playing instruments.  I do this so it is palatable when I present it to the others.  From there we worked on the structure and individual contributions.  We did the recording with Chris at the helm as engineer and co producer.  Chris and I have a great friendship and working relationship that now Mark, Patrick and David are a part of.


CMM-If the group could do a score for any film director who would it be and what would the film be about?

Tom-I think we missed the boat on one of those CW teen shows like the OC or One Tree Hill.  We would have killed haha! Now, probably a Farrelly brothers movie.  They always have good songs in their movies.  We have several more songs to record this year and eventually we’d love to play live more for sure.


CMM-What do you have coming up next?

Tom-We have several more songs to record this year and eventually we’d love to play live more for sure.